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Verppal InnovaGoods Adaptable Posture Corrector

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Product Details
Discover the Verppal InnovaGoods adaptable posture corrector, the perfect way to improve your posture, comfort and relaxation. Boasting a unisex design, robust materials and breathable, flexible, adjustable and fully adaptable features, it includes two removable protective pads and a rear strap on the back with adjustable length. Additionally, the posture corrector is discreet, allowing you to wear it under clothing and it is easy to clean and use with adjustable front straps for a firm hold. Plus, its ergonomic design offers an unparalleled level of comfort and users can benefit from improved workstation ergonomics and soothe the back, neck and lumbar area after using it for daily use.
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For EU countries and Switzerland shipping time is above 1-7 days , and it depends on Delivery time you choose when you place an order. For Non-Eu countries shipping time can take 1-14 days.
You will be able to return the product in first 15 days after you have recieved the product. To return product you have to contact with us and our team will decide if product will be refunded.
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